Intellectual Property Licence Agreement

The Digital Textile Prints designed by Caroline Pereira for Catchy Attitude can be purchased under an Intellectual Property Licence Agreement.

Catchy Attitude is offering two types of Licence: the Exclusive Design Licence and the Non-Exclusive Design Licence. The licence agreement will set the terms of use of the Digital Textile Prints you will be purchasing, and will have to be respected by both parties, the IP owner (Catchy Attitude) and the Licensee (the Client).


The Exclusive Design Licence is available for custom prints only.

When the licence of a Digital Textile Print is made exclusive, the Licensee is the only person that is allowed to use that Design. This means the design entirely belongs to the client (the Licensee) and no one else can use the design without the Licensee's permission.

Further Terms and Conditions will be discussed between the IP Owner, Catchy Attitude, and the Licensee, the client. This will also allow Catchy Attitude to make an appropriate quote for the service required.

The Exclusive Design License is irrevocable. However, Catchy Attitude keeps the rights to terminate the licence if the other party fails to act in accordance with the agreement.

The custom prints designed by Catchy Attitude under the Exclusive Design Licence can be used worldwide. 



The Non-Exclusive Design Licence is applicable for the all the Textile Prints available on our website, unless stated otherwise.

    If you purchase a Design under a Non-Exclusive design license, this means anyone can purchase and use the design without any limitation other than on selling and altering the design, and the time of use (see below).

    The duration of the Licence is ONE YEAR. This means that you will be able to use the Digital Textile Print for a year. At the end of this time period, the agreement will be automatically terminated and you will have to renew your Licence if you want to keep using the print (if available on our website).

    The Non-Exclusive Design Licence is revocable. This means that Catchy Attitude can decide to withdraw your permission to use the Digital Textile Print at any time during the term of the license agreement, if the other party fails to act in accordance with the agreement.

    This Non-Exclusive Design Licence is non-transferrable. This means can you cannot sell or sub-license the artwork to another party.

    All the Design Textile Prints under the Non-Exclusive Design Licence can be used worldwide.



    By purchasing a Digital Textile Print on our website, you will automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions set by Catchy Attitude and acknowledge your understanding of these Terms and Conditions.