Aussie-French illustrator/designer, Caroline started Catchy Attitude with some fun and sassy looking digital custom portraits, in her home studio based on the sunny Gold Coast, in 2017.

In 2020, she started designing unique and colourful fabric patterns and partnered up with Next State, a printer based in Melbourne, to stock her prints in their Artwork Library. She loved the idea that professionals and/or sewing enthusiasts would be able to buy fabric with her patterns on it and add a touch of Catchy Attitude in their wardrobe.

Caroline recently became a first time mother and after taking a break to raise her baby, she decided to come back to her first love, Fashion. She decided to create a collection of t-shirts, skirts and matching accessories, made with her bright and unique catchy patterns.

Catchy Attitude has now become a clothing brand with the launch of its first SPRING COLLECTION in October 2021. Made for a relaxed yet sophisticated and feminine look, her collection is offering colourful staples suitable for a night event as a chic evening gown or to be worn more casually with a pair of sandals during the day. Catchy Attitude is for all women who love colours, embrace the total look to stand out from the crowd and express their fun personality.

Catchy Attitude's slogan "BE FUN, BE CATCHY!" is an ode to happiness and wants to inspire you to have fun in your colourful clothes. 

Now... Do you have the Catchy Attitude? ^^